Muffins is also a Lionhead.  She came to the farm in May.  She was moved to the farm from Beaver Dam were she previously resided with Auntie Sharon and Uncle Jerry. She loves to play with an old empty pill bottle.


OJ is almost 1 year old.  She was in a litter of 5 (3 white and 2 orange) his mom is a double mane rew.


This trio litter was born in June 2019.  Muffins is the mom and Hop Hop is the dad.  So who knows what they are going to look like when they are grown: Mini Lops or Lionheads.



Isaac is a Sanaan goat who came to the Cramer home in December of 2017. Isaac was a bottle baby who spent his first several weeks in our sun room next to the heater. He thinks he is a person!


Spencer is an Alpine goat who came to Cramer house in April of 2018 to keep Isaac company. He is a very sweet goat who became Amber's partner in goat-soccer.


Gideon is a solid black Sanaan mix goat.He came to the Cramer home in June of 2018 and he became fast friends with Isaac and Spencer.


Smokey got his name because of his color. He is a Lionhead.  He came to the farm in May 2019 when he was about 5 months old.


Fi Fi is a super fluffy Lionhead.  She came to the farm in May 2019 with Smokey and Ruby. She was about 5 months old.


HOP HOP was named by one of our foster boys.  He was given to the kids for Christmas even before we had the farm. Age is unknown. HOP HOP is our only male bunny right now.


Lily was formerly named Cream and the other bunny that came to the Cramer farm at the same time was Cookies.  Well they were both suppose to be males, but to our surprise Lily was not a he! Lily is an escape artist out of her pen.  She loves to eat carrots.


Ruby is an all-white Lionhead with a red button nose.  She has so much fluff you can't see her tiny red eyes. She loves to cuddle.  She is about 4 months old.

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